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Grocery Units

Grocery Units


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Tall Floor units standard
R2FG300Ready 2 fit grocery unit 300mmR 683.13 ex vat
R2FG350Ready 2 fit grocery unit 350mmR 796.98 ex vat
R2FG400Ready 2 fit grocery unit 400mmR 910.84 ex vat
R2FG450Ready 2 fit grocery unit 450mmR 1,878.61 ex vat
R2FG500Ready 2 fit grocery unit 500mmR 1,138.55 ex vat
R2FG550Ready 2 fit grocery unit 550mmR 1,252.40 ex vat
R2FG600Ready 2 fit grocery unit 600mmR 1,366.26 ex vat
R2FG650Ready 2 fit grocery unit 650mmR 1,480.14 ex vat
R2FG700Ready 2 fit grocery unit 700mmR 1,593.97 ex vat
R2FG750Ready 2 fit grocery unit 750mmR 1,707.82 ex vat
R2FG800Ready 2 fit grocery unit 800mmR 1,821.68 ex vat
R2FG850Ready 2 fit grocery unit 850mmR 1,935.53 ex vat
R2FG900Ready 2 fit grocery unit 900mmR 2,049.39 ex vat
R2FG950Ready 2 fit grocery unit 950mmR 2,163.24 ex vat
R2FG1000Ready 2 fit grocery unit 1000mmR 2,277.10 ex vat
R2FWIP950Ready to fit walk in pantry 950mmR 2,978.88 ex vat
R2FWIP1000Ready to fit walk in pantry 1000mmR 3,309.88 ex vat
R2FWIP1050Ready to fit walk in pantry 1050mmR 3,475.38 ex vat
R2FB300Ready 2 fit broom unit 300mmR 548.21 ex vat
R2FB350Ready 2 fit broom unit 350mmR 639.58 ex vat
R2FB400Ready 2 fit broom unit 400mmR 730.95 ex vat
R2FB450Ready 2 fit broom unit 450mmR 822.30 ex vat
R2FB500Ready 2 fit broom unit 500mmR 913.68 ex vat
R2FB550Ready 2 fit broom unit 550mmR 1,005.05 ex vat
R2FB600Ready 2 fit broom unit 600mmR 1,096.41 ex vat
Tall floor units high
R2FHG300Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 300mmR 751.63 ex vat
R2FHG350Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 350mmR 876.90 ex vat
R2FHG400Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 400mmR 1,002.17 ex vat
R2FHG450Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 450mmR 1,127.44 ex vat
R2FHG500Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 500mmR 1,252.71 ex vat
R2FHG550Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 550mmR 1,377.98 ex vat
R2FHG600Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 600mmR 1,503.26 ex vat
R2FHG650Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 650mmR 1,628.53 ex vat
R2FHG700Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 700mmR 1,753.80 ex vat
R2FHG750Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 750mmR 1,879.07 ex vat
R2FHG800Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 800mmR 2,004.34 ex vat
R2FHG850Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 850mmR 2,129.61 ex vat
R2FHG900Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 900mmR 2,254.88 ex vat
R2FHG950Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 950mmR 2,380.15 ex vat
R2FHG1000Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 1000mmR 2,506.44 ex vat
R2FHWIP950Ready to fit high walk in pantry 950mmR 3,740.24 ex vat
R2FHWIP1000Ready to fit high walk in pantry 1000mmR 3,937.10 ex vat
R2FHWIP1050Ready to fit high walk in pantry 1050mmR 4,133.94 ex vat
R2FHB300Ready 2 fit high broom unit 300mmR 689.80ex vat
R2FHB350Ready 2 fit high broom unit 350mmR 804.76 ex vat
R2FHB400Ready 2 fit high broom unit 400mmR 919.72 ex vat
R2FHB450Ready 2 fit high broom unit 450mmR 1,034.69 ex vat
R2FHB500Ready 2 fit high broom unit 500mmR 1,149.66 ex vat
R2FHB550Ready 2 fit high broom unit 550mmR 1,268.33 ex vat
R2FHB600Ready 2 fit high broom unit 600mmR 1,379.59 ex vat

Melamine Colors



Super white melamine faced board, flat packed, versatile and ready to assemble
Delivery within 7-14 Working Days from date of Deposit Received.

  • All Floor units include the following, Legs, Shelf supports, screws (to fasten legs) and wall anchors.
  • All wall units include the following, shelf supports and wall anchors.
  • All ready 2 fit units come standard in White melamine with white edging.
  • Please order doors as an extra.
  • If the doors are colour please remember to order the matching exposed panels and matching edging.
  • Any ceiling fillers, kickplates and other fillers need to be mesured and given to us after the cupboards have been fitted (Note this will be extra).
  • Please remember to order your tops.

kitchen cupboards

Assemble your DIY kitchen with our range of ready to assemble cupboard units:
1. Base units
2. Wall units
3. Extended wall units
4. Grocery units

Webb Timber Creations DIY Kitchen Cupboards

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