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Pricing for Do It Yourself (DIY) Kitchen Cupboards

Super white melamine faced board, flat packed, versatile and ready to assemble

Delivery within 7-14 Working Days from date of Deposit Received

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Melamine Colors


R2FF300Ready 2 fit floor unit 300mmR 249,30
R2FF450Ready 2 fit floor unit 450mmR 373,95
R2FF500Ready 2 fit floor unit 500mmR 415,50
R2FF600Ready 2 fit floor unit 600mmR 498,60
R2FF750Ready 2 fit floor unit 750mmR 623,25
R2FF900Ready 2 fit floor unit 900mmR 747,90
R2FF1000Ready 2 fit floor unit 1000mmR 831,00
R2FF1200Ready 2 fit floor unit 1200mmR 997,20
R2FF450/4Ready 2 fit floor unit 450mm 4 drawerR 747,90
R2FF500/4Ready 2 fit floor unit 500mm 4 drawerR 831,00
R2FF600/2Ready 2 fit floor unit 600mm 2 drawerR 897,48
R2FF900/2Ready 2 fit floor unit 900mm 2 drawerR 1 346,22
R2FF900CReady 2 fit floor unit 900mm cornerR 1 495,80


R2FW300Ready 2 fit wall unit 300mmR 225,00
R2FW450Ready 2 fit wall unit 450mmR 262,50
R2FW500WReady 2 fit wall unit 500mmR 375,00
R2FW600Ready 2 fit wall unit 600mmR 450,00
R2FW750Ready 2 fit wall unit 750mmR 562,50
R2FW900Ready 2 fit wall unit 900mmR 675,00
R2FW1000Ready 2 fit wall unit 1000mmR 750,00
R2FW600CReady 2 fit wall unit 600mm cornerR 925,00


R2FG450Ready 2 fit grocery unit 450mmR 830,25
R2FG600Ready 2 fit grocery unit 600mmR 1 107,00
R2FHG400Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 400mmR 812,00
R2FHG600Ready 2 fit high grocery unit 600mmR 1 218,00


R2FHW300Ready 2 fit high wall unit 300mmR 267,00
R2FHW450Ready 2 fit high wall unit 450mmR 400,50
R2FHW500Ready 2 fit high wall unit 500mmR 445,00
R2FHW600Ready 2 fit high wall unit 600mmR 534,00
R2FHW750Ready 2 fit high wall unit 750mmR 667,50
R2FHW900Ready 2 fit high wall unit 900mmR 801,00
R2FHW1000Ready 2 fit high wall unit 1000mmR 890,00
R2FHW600CReady 2 fit high wall unit 650mmR 578,50

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Design your own Dream Kitchen

At Webb Timber Creations, we have super white melamine DIY kitchen cupboard units, ready made, ready to fit. Our DIY kitchen cupboard units are flat packed, versatile, delivered and ready to assemble. Door sizes adhere to industry sizes and are readily available. DIY kitchen cupboard carcasses are pre-drilled to accept the Euro screw hinge of 37mm from the edge of the sidepanel. If you are a “do it yourself” person, this is what you have been looking for.

Call Webb Timber Creations Vereeniging today on 081 589 5584 for deliveries of DIY kitchen cupboard units, ready for you to assemble. Do it yourself!

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