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Wall Units


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Wall units flap
R2FFW600Ready 2 fit flap wall unit 600mmR 204,00 ex vat
R2FFW750Ready 2 fit flap wall unit 750mmR 255,00 ex vat
R2FFW900Ready 2 fit flap wall unit 900mmR 306,00 ex vat
Wall units standard
R2FW300Ready 2 fit wall unit 300mmR 225,00 ex vat
R2FW350Ready 2 fit wall unit 350mmR 262,50 ex vat
R2FW400Ready 2 fit wall unit 400mmR 300,00 ex vat
R2FW450Ready 2 fit wall unit 450mmR 262,50 ex vat
R2FW500Ready 2 fit wall unit 500mmR 375,00 ex vat
R2FW550Ready 2 fit wall unit 550mmR 412,50 ex vat
R2FW600Ready 2 fit wall unit 600mmR 450,00 ex vat
R2FW600CReady 2 fit wall unit 600mm cornerR 925,00 ex vat
Wall units standard
R2FW650Ready 2 fit wall unit 650mmR 487,50 ex vat
R2FW700Ready 2 fit wall unit 700mmR 525,00 ex vat
R2FW750Ready 2 fit wall unit 750mmR 562,50 ex vat
R2FW800Ready 2 fit wall unit 800mmR 600,00 ex vat
R2FW850Ready 2 fit wall unit 850mmR 637,50 ex vat
R2FW900Ready 2 fit wall unit 900mmR 675,00 ex vat
R2FW950Ready 2 fit wall unit 950mmR 712,50 ex vat
R2FW1000Ready 2 fit wall unit 1000mmR 750,00 ex vat
R2FW1050Ready 2 fit wall unit 1050mmR 787,50 ex vat
R2FW1100Ready 2 fit wall unit 1100mmR 825,00 ex vat
R2FW1150Ready 2 fit wall unit 1150mmR 862,50 ex vat
R2FW1200Ready 2 fit wall unit 1200mmR 900,00 ex vat

Super white melamine faced board, flat packed, versatile and ready to assemble
Delivery within 7-14 Working Days from date of Deposit Received.

  • All Floor units include the following, Legs, Shelf supports, screws (to fasten legs) and wall anchors.
  • All wall units include the following, shelf supports and wall anchors.
  • All ready 2 fit units come standard in White melamine with white edging.
  • Please order doors as an extra.
  • If the doors are colour please remember to order the matching exposed panels and matching edging.
  • Any ceiling fillers, kickplates and other fillers need to be mesured and given to us after the cupboards have been fitted (Note this will be extra).
  • Please remember to order your tops.

Microwave Unit:

  • White backer
  • All assembly hardware included

Wall Units and Extended Wall Units:

  • White backer
  • All assembly hardware included
  • Door and hinges not included
  • Feet (where applicable) not included

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